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Government Contracting Mentoring Program

GovCon Mentoring Program provides valuable support and guidance to government contractors. Our group is lead by Coach Brooks a experienced professional who have worked in the government contracting space for over 10 years and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. By joining our mentoring group, a government contractor can benefit from the collective wisdom, resources, and contacts while also gaining insights into the best practices, strategies, and tactics for winning government contracts. Our Mentoring group also offer valuable networking opportunities, providing contractors with access to potential teaming partners, subcontractors, and other valuable resources. Ultimately, our government contracting mentoring group helps government contractors improve their skills, grow their business, and achieve greater success in the highly competitive world of government contracting.

The Government has announced even MORE opportunities for small business owners to work with the Federal Government. They have even put new laws in place. This year can be life-changing for small business owners.

The administration is initiating an “all-of-government effort to expand contracting opportunities for underserved small businesses across the country.”

The main goal is to increase by 50% the share of contracts that go to small, disadvantaged businesses by 2026, which will lead to an additional $100 billion for small, disadvantaged businesses over that period, according to the White House.

“Agencies will assess every available tool to lower barriers to entry and increase opportunities for small businesses and traditionally-underserved entrepreneurs to compete for federal contracts,” said the fact-sheet. “The impact could be historic: all told, attainment of the new goal will represent the biggest increase in [small, disadvantaged businesses] contracting since data was first collected more than 30 years ago.”"



The purpose of the GovCon Mentoring Program is to help other business owners put their fears aside and help you scale your business!!! The government is the world's largest buyer, and every small business should consider working with the Federal Government. 


Securing one of these contracts can help your company grow tremendously.

Now, it doesn't make sense for every company to bid on opportunities without guidance or help. You have to possess a realistic view of your current operations and what you can feasibly offer. 

GovCon Mentoring Program Includes:

1. Group Weekly Zooms on Thursday
2. Private FB Group
3. GovCon Updates
4. Government Events Notes, Resources & Contacts
5. Networking & Subcontracting Opportunity with other Contractors
Benefits of working with the Government:
  1. Consistent Payments

  2. Strengthen Company Values

  3. Government Contracting Support

  4. Government Contracting Education

  5. Advantages and funding set aside for Female Business Owners

  6. Advantages and funding set aside for Minority Companies

  7. Resources, Tools, Templates & More

  8. In our Government Contracting Program, we're revealing the exact blueprint we used to Win Government Contracts in record time! 


I am not one of those people who will tell you it is easy, but with Support and guidance, you can definitely work with the government. 


Get the Support from one of the best in the game to help you learn how to turn your "raw-competencies" into a Government Contracting business that finally gives you control over your time, income, and impact!


Join our Program today!!!

Please note: The prices listed below are MONTHLY. You will be billed each month. We have a no refund policy. No exceptions!

After Signup:

You will receive an email with instructions on how to work our portal! Please don't forget to join our private Facebook group. 

I’m so glad that I found Coach Brooks! Not only is she knowledgeable but I trust her! She’s committed to helping others. Coach Brooks gives you the tools to succeed with your business and how to prepare your business. I’m committed even more to my business because I watched Coach brook for about a month and I started signing up for her classes!

Coach Brooks is highly recommended in my book. She is very professional, organized, and compassionate about helping her student become knowledgeable. I will be joining her mentorship and her one on one coaching session. I recently joined the Government Contracting challenge that helped me identify that most of the businesses that a lot of people have are worthy of getting a contract with the government. Highly recommended if you are looking for transparency.

Coach Brooks was very informative and understandable. Her knowledge and pleasant personality made her teaching more inviting. My business will propel because of what I have learned. I highly recommend her and all that she gives. 5 Stars and more for Coach Brooks

Coach Brooks is a high-class business coach! She's trustworthy, dependable, and knowledgeable. Learning how to create systems and processes as a new entrepreneur is a challenge but coach Brooks makes it easy. Being a student in her 6-month GOVCON Bootcamp has changed my thought process and has allowed me to create plans that will be executed.

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