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Unlock Your Government Contracting Success!

Join the GovCon Mentoring Program Today!

Are you ready to conquer the world of government contracting? Look no further! Our GovCon Mentoring Program is your ultimate support system, led by Coach Brooks, an industry veteran with over a decade of experience in government contracting.



                                                             Why Choose Our Mentoring Program?


Unparalleled Expertise: Coach Brooks brings a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom to the table, ensuring you have access to the best strategies and tactics to thrive in government contracting.


Community Power: When you join our mentoring group, you're not just signing up for advice—you're becoming part of a vibrant community. Connect with fellow contractors, share resources, and explore collaboration opportunities.


Networking Goldmine: Our program opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Discover potential teaming partners, subcontractors, and essential resources to elevate your contracting endeavors.


Stay Ahead: Stay informed with real-time insights into the ever-evolving world of government contracting. We provide you with up-to-the-minute information to keep you ahead of the curve.



                                                    Don't Miss Out on the Government Contracting Boom!


The federal government is on a mission to empower small businesses like yours. New laws and initiatives are creating unprecedented opportunities. This year can be your business's turning point!


The Government's Pledge: The administration is committed to a historic increase in contracts awarded to small, disadvantaged businesses—a 50% boost by 2026, equating to an additional $100 billion! Your slice of this pie is waiting.

Breaking Barriers: Government agencies are actively working to level the playing field for small businesses and underserved entrepreneurs. Be part of this transformative journey.


Elevate Your Business: Join our GovCon Mentoring Program, and seize your chance to shine in the thriving world of government contracting. Elevate your skills, grow your business, and achieve unprecedented success!


Ready to make this year a game-changer for your small business? Enroll now and let us guide you to government contracting glory! 🚀🇺🇸


The GovCon Mentoring Program is on a mission to empower fellow business owners by providing the support needed to conquer their fears and scale their businesses! With the government being the largest buyer globally, it's essential for every small business to explore opportunities with the Federal Government.


Landing one of these contracts has the potential to drive remarkable growth for your company. However, not every company should venture into government contracting without the right guidance and assistance. It's crucial to have a clear understanding of your current operations and a realistic assessment of what you can realistically offer.

                                       GovCon Mentoring Program Includes:

1. Group Weekly Zooms on Thursday
2. Private FB Group
3. GovCon Updates
4. Government Events Notes, Resources & Contacts
5. Networking & Subcontracting Opportunity with other Contractors
6. Sourced Contracts Each Week
Benefits of working with the Government:

1. Steady Payments: Enjoy consistent income streams.

2. Uphold Company Values: Strengthen your business's core principles.

3. Expert Support: Receive guidance and support in government contracting.

4. Educational Resources: Access comprehensive government contracting education.

5. Advantages for Female Business Owners:Unlock tailored advantages and funding opportunities.

6. Support for Minority Companies: Leverage specialized support and funding opportunities.

7. Abundant Resources: Gain access to a wealth of tools, templates, and more.


We Understand It's Not Easy...But We're Here to Help!


We won't sugarcoat it—government contracting isn't a walk in the park. However, with the right support and guidance, you can absolutely thrive in this arena.


Experience the Difference: Partner with one of the industry's best to transform your unique competencies into a thriving Government Contracting business. Take control of your time, income, and impact like never before!


Ready to seize your future in Government Contracting? Join our program today!


Important Note: The prices listed below are billed on a monthly basis, and our policy is non-refundable. No exceptions.


📩 After Signing Up:


Once you've signed up, you'll receive an email with clear instructions on how to navigate our portal. Don't forget to join our exclusive private Facebook group for added support and networking opportunities! 

I’m so glad that I found Coach Brooks! Not only is she knowledgeable but I trust her! She’s committed to helping others. Coach Brooks gives you the tools to succeed with your business and how to prepare your business. I’m committed even more to my business because I watched Coach brook for about a month and I started signing up for her classes!

Coach Brooks is highly recommended in my book. She is very professional, organized, and compassionate about helping her student become knowledgeable. I will be joining her mentorship and her one on one coaching session. I recently joined the Government Contracting challenge that helped me identify that most of the businesses that a lot of people have are worthy of getting a contract with the government. Highly recommended if you are looking for transparency.

Coach Brooks was very informative and understandable. Her knowledge and pleasant personality made her teaching more inviting. My business will propel because of what I have learned. I highly recommend her and all that she gives. 5 Stars and more for Coach Brooks

Coach Brooks is a high-class business coach! She's trustworthy, dependable, and knowledgeable. Learning how to create systems and processes as a new entrepreneur is a challenge but coach Brooks makes it easy. Being a student in her 6-month GOVCON Bootcamp has changed my thought process and has allowed me to create plans that will be executed.

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  • Will my monthly rate ever change?
    As long as your membership is in good standing during your program dates your rates will not change. If for some reason you leave the program and come back, you will be charged whatever the new rate is at that time of that program.
  • What is your refund policy?
    There is no return policy. It’s a monthly membership so as long as you are a member you have access to all the trainings, tools, and resources. When you cancel or default on your membership, you lose access immediately, but there are absolutely no refunds regardless of when you cancel your membership.
  • Will this membership allow me on on one time with Coach Brooks?
    The $50 group mentoring does not allow one on one time with Coach Brooks. You can book a one on one session with her here:
  • How will I be charged?
    You are auto billed every month on the exact same day you signed up. Your monthly rate will be deducted on the exact same date every month. For example, if you signed up on June 1st, your next payment comes out on July 1st.
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